Lalalab manual

This is very easy app and usually don’t need any instructions, but some moments I need to explain anyway.


All you have in this app is stereo delay and you can control “delay”, “feedback”, “speed”, “clean”, “input” and “output”. “Delay” and “feed” have left and right knobs, other didn’t affect panorama.
Routing is highlighted with “cords”, some of them changing thickness and colour to present app state.
Output knob contains oscillograph for output visualisations.


Key parameters can be randomised at once with button in the centre of the screen.
You can switch automated values generation with black buttons on top of some knobs. Those buttons generate values for different part of the scale – left for around minimum, middle for centre of the range etc.
“Delay” and “feed” have mutual randomisers controls and 6 instead of 3 buttons for 6 grade scale.
For example if you enable right button for delay generation of near maximum values – it starts for both, left and right delay knobs.
Between delay and feed knobs placed buttons to automate switching of their randomisers. Yes, it’s randomisers for randomisers again ;)


This is audio effect based on creation of feedback loops which you can amplify, so if you setup “feed” > 0.99 you’ll get guarantied loop and volume bursts up to silence in good case (limiter is killing volume) or damaged hardware or meatware (limiter fails or late). Use 0.99-1.22 for feedback only with randomisers enabled and strong sincere prayer.

Look me up in social networks if you have questions, suggestions or revelations. I always happy to know how you use apps.