IMPORTANT NOTICE: Launch application before insertion into IAA hosts.

This not a easy to setup app, it would be hard to understand.
If you looking for “make it great” one-button app – it’s not it.
I wish you think twice before buying this app, read manual and explore examples.

Self-a-Fuzz its a distortion audio effect, pretends on the name of the dirtiest distortion ever. It uses noise-shaping and couple overdrives to bring unusual deformations to your sounds.
As source of noise you can use white/flicker noise generators, input itself and drone unit with 5 oscillators and pitch detection. You can filter your noise with bandpass, VCF and 9-line equaliser.
Shaping-modulation unit have 11 methods to mix up signals.
After this you also can drive your mess with 4 overdrives and it have randomisers!

Future list:

  • Audiobus and IAA
  • White/pink noise generators
  • Input as modulator for self
  • Drone with sinus, saw, square, triangle and table oscillators
  • Pitch detection for drone
  • Bandpass, VCF and 9-line equaliser
  • 11 types of signal mixing to combine
  • 4 overdrives
  • Lowpass and limiter on output
  • Internal keyboard for setup drone chord
  • MIDI-in to controll drone and filters frequencies
  • 4-voice polyphony for received notes
  • Presets
  • Recording
  • Audioshare export and copy to clipboard
  • Randomisers with different deep to mess up knobs and buttons
  • 8 monitors to look inside chain

Self-a-Fuzz icon
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  • fixed version label width
  • 1.0.1:

  • Fixed bug with audio dropout on 64bit devices
  • Fixed interface scaling on 12.9″ iPads
  • Redesigned filters: eq10 -> eq9 with Q factor
  • Faster animations
    • Questions, suggestions, revelations or help?


    If you ignore manual, i promise, you’ll feel yourself like Vincent Vega in this gif.