Application is a lightweight noise-generator with 10 live noises to help you think, get to sleep babies, concentrate on a work or blow up some neighbours brains and torture all around.

Noises are generated real-time and 8/10 are filtered. There is a pink/flicker and white noises with different settings, from rhythmical hissing to womby-tomby deep and cavy.

There is no warranty your baby is going to love this anti-musical sounds, or it help you to stay productive whole day, but if so, you can unlock “white” part of the app, enable timer to start or stop noise, background working with in-app-purchase.

Basic features:

  • 5 fliker noise generators
  • No recorded sounds – small app size
  • Dark and stylish minimal design
  • iOS 9+, works on old devices.
  • Universal app, for all kinds of devices

Unlock full version and get:

  • 5 more white noises
  • Work in background and with locked device
  • Timer to delayed start/stop noise

Remember about health, be careful with long or/and loud audio.
If you got headache or feel bad – stop immediately and report to your doctor about incident.
You may be not suppose to use this app by medical condition, so launch on your own risk, watch to test noises with self without install.
Be extremely careful, especially with kids!

Test before buy.

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