Qooqooq manual

I don’t think you’ll be needed instructions to use such simple app.
But anyway, let me describe some basics. Also I recorded demonstration, so you maybe don’t even need to read my limping English :)



All of my last apps use similar controls. Big circle knobs and some buttons atop of each one. This app uses 5. Knobs are obviously to control parameters and buttons to switch randomisers for different ranges of the values.

Main screen.

There is only 4 parameters to control. Room size, Damping, Frequency of damp and Wetness of output; also Output and Input volumes.
Buttons in the corners are:

  • Top-left – randomise effect
  • Top-right – open settings
  • Bottom-left – open web page
  • Bottom-right – reset app state and shows cpu load


Settings view contains not much. Here you can choose how app starts – load default setup, randomise or saved from previous session; and knobs changing gesture – circular, vertical or horizontal.

That’s all.

Experiment, randomise and let me know if you have any thoughts to share.