3oomph manual

I don’t think you’ll be needed instructions to use such simple app.
But anyway, let me describe some basics. Also I recorded demonstration, so you maybe don’t even need to read my limping English :)



All of my last apps use similar controls. Donut-shaped knobs and 3 buttons atop of each one.
Knobs are obviously to control parameters and buttons to switch randomisers for minimum, middle and maximum range of the values.


From Input sound runs to clean-to-output stream and to 4 different distortions.
BOOGY, WOOGY and FUZZY are brings different tastes to deformations, but all close to usual distortions and overdrive pedals. BUZZY is bit-crusher, you can change deepness of effect with “muzzy” knob. After balancing your destructions you can shave some spikes with lowpass filter.
Lines under knobs are shows attitude between modules, but all 4 distortions receive input independently parallel and spit chowed waves to lowpass.
All chain may be written like:
input – [BOOGY|WOOGY|FUZZY|BUZZY] – lowpass – output
input – clean – output


You can save your setup in presets and you’ll find some examples already preinstalled.
In Settings view placed unlocks for randomisation function. If you want to randomise effect with input, clean, output and/or 3-buttons – you’ll need to check desired switches.
Change how app starts: with default, restored from las session or randomised state.
Knobs are supports 3 interaction style: swipe horizontal, vertical or rotate touch around to change knobs values.
Below is located buttons to open intro, go to site or Appstore and import factory presets.
And if you are connected to IAA host, you’ll see transport controls here.

That’s all.

Experiment, randomise and let me know if you have any thoughts to share.