IMPORTANT NOTICE: Application’s status – legacy, it’s temporary (maybe forever) out of support and not available in Appstore for now.

This app is another part of Self-a-Fuzz, but this time it’s final module of SaF’s chain – Overdriver.
Effect consists of 4 different distortions and Lowpass filter.

BOOGY, WOOGY and FUZZY is about to overdrive, to clip and to square-ise your input. BUZZY is the bit-crusher with muzzy as parameter.

This is distortion effect with ability to randomise portions of overdrivers to bring flow and unpredictable changes in effect.

You can save your setup in preset to recall later.

Vertical screenshots.

Horizontal screenshots

Features summary:

  • Four distortions in one
  • Randomisers
  • Audiobus and IAA
  • Presets to learn and save your own
  • Universal app
  • Horizontal and vertical layout

Minimum required hardware is iPhone 4s, iOS 8.0