IMPORTANT NOTICE: Application’s status – legacy, it’s temporary (maybe forever) out of support and not available in Appstore for now.

Deregulator is Audiobus and IAA compatible audio effect-unit, echo-morphing and space-creator machine with wide tweakability and plenty of randomisations options.

iPad screenshots

iPhone screenshots

Effect consists of 3 linked modules: Echo, Delay and Reverberator. Randomisers is most interesting part of it is abilities – morph delay time, speed of changing delay and even sends from one module to each other, everything.

What the professionals are saying:

If you like creating experimental soundscapes or electronic ambient music then I suspect you might have a lot of fun experimenting with Deregulator.
(John Walden, Musicappblog)

This app allows you to journey into unusual and very cool sonic territory. Trippy, spacey, interesting and different is guaranteed.
(Jordan Rudess. Dream Theater / Wizdom Music)

Your app is mental, I love it.
(Sean Garland. iOS MARS)

This is doing something new that we haven’t had in app form before.
(Tim Webb, Discchord)

In results of its work we can hear how all of a sudden strange things begin to happen. Effects ranging from simple echo/delay/reverb in combinations to near live granulation – remains of sounds creating nebulas around the original input, blurring and smudging it into soundscape of something new and vibrant like a morning mist.

Feeling curiosity and really want to have some wild fun? Try the MessAll button.
What’s that do? Randomise whole effect. This is the best way to maul and twist your audio into something unpredictable.

In app you’ll find some factory presets for example of what it can do and experiment with them. These are just some ideas how to use this app. Like the results – save them.

It’s better to listen some exemplum for once then read about whole day. Explore recordings at special Soundcloud playlist and look me up in social networks if you have questions, suggestions or revelations.

Features summary:

  • Universal app
  • Three linked effect modules (Echo, Delay and Reverb)
  • Randomisers within the parameters of these effects
  • Ability to randomise all parameters at once
  • Record affected audio
  • Export audio via iTunes, AudioShare or Audiocopy
  • Audiobus and IAA
  • Full featured preset system for app states
  • Full MIDI support
  • Subdivisions randomiser
  • Randomiser for randomisers! Let them dance
  • Stereo/mono output mode

Last version runs on iOS 8 and newer.
Recommended at least IPad 3/iPhone 4s and mightier for better experience.