ZhSh manual

Welcome to noise sect, username.

This app’ll help you in various noises creation, use them to distort your input audio signal in the name of Holy Random. Little bit dangerous to go alone into caves of ZhSh, take next 4 pages of this intro as weapon to deal with feedback monsters – no any parting words, so short manual is. By tapping on presented face on top you can go to my site and get more or jump to AppStore to give feedback and find my other apps. Be careful with volume levels and good luck!

App views

The Route view contains main controls. Knobs for change how sound is going, oscillograph and buttons: randomize, save, show filter setups, show presets list, show settings. By tapping on oscillograph you switch where its focussed and can understand what’s going on.

The Filter view let you setup nine valves to output desired parts of noise spectrum, randomize button and button to enable Ear – pitch detector. When Ear is On, all eq9 valves change their frequencies to adopt environment. In the Route view filter presented by eq-q knob, change it to sharp filter resonance.

Settings view have grouped by 3 setups switches to choose how app starts, knobs controlling gesture, randomizers unlocks for some knobs and mutonic buttons. Also here you’ll find IAA transport if it’s connected and some useful buttons on the bottom.

Presets view is a list of saved app states. Tap on name to change. Swipe to the left to open buttons to rename or delete and see timestamp. To load default presets use blue stack button in Settings. If you didn’t delete them and installation done right, default presets must be already in list. Use them to understand basic usage.

Usual controls.

Three black randomizer buttons on top of every knob. Left one generate small values, middle is for the central part of the value range and right is for the maximum value range. Mutonic knob have additional buttons for changing type of blending input with filtered noise. Those mutonic’s types have their own randomizer button under label.


Randomize Route or Filter, depends on where you meet it. Hold the button to randomize Route and Filter simultaneously. Randomization initially limited, use unlocks in Settings to randomize randomizers, clean, input and output knobs.

Save your app state to preset with random name. Change it if you want later.

Show Filter valves. To close there is usual cross button.

Show Presets list.

Show Settings and Presets, if iPad.

Ear button placed in Filter view. Toggle pitch detection. Work independently from input knob value.

Load factory presets examples.

Launch in-app intro.

This button get you to this site or AppStore.


Left top trinity is to chose how ZhSh must starts: with default state, restored session or random.

Right top is change knobs interaction gesture: by rotation finger around knob, sliding in horizontal or vertical plane.

Left bottom group is unlocks knobs for randomizers: clean, input and output.

Right bottom buttons unlocks randomizers for buttons on top of the knobs: in route view, for filter valves and for mutonic’s types.

That’s all.

Write me a line if you still have questions.